Emeral Capital
New England's Premier Private Real Estate Lender

Distressed Debt Acquisitions

EMCAP is an opportunistic buyer of non-performing or under-performing commercial real estate notes.

Our clients benefit from our affiliation with the Procaccianti Companies (est.1958), one of the largest, most respected privately-owned real estate investment and services firms in the United States. We have executed nearly 1,000 transactions representing over 60 million square feet of real estate with a historical portfolio valued in the billions.

Specific to debt acquisition, we have acquired over $700M of performing, non-performing and distressed debt. Lending institutions find EMCAP a reliable source they can turn to with confidence when monetizing or disposing of troubled loans and under-performing assets.

EMCAP acquires the following loan types:

·         Distressed Commercial Real Estate / Multi-family Notes;

·         “Performing/paying” notes that have value issues, covenant defaults, maturity defaults, lender fatigue issues, etc.;

·         We buy “sub-performing” notes with intermittent payments, etc.;

·         We buy non-performing notes where no payments have been made in long time;

·         Notes that have litigation issues, bankruptcy issues;

·         We don’t buy residential notes or owner-occupied real estate;

·         We don’t buy business loans, A/R loans and line of credits unless there is a real estate component.